Sober Terps are Safer Terps

Here we are, at the start of a brand new school year!

For some of you, this marks another year on our beautiful campus — welcome back, we missed you!  For some others, this is the beginning of a new chapter of your life — the University of Maryland chapter — welcome to the Terp squad!

College is an exhilarating time, with each new year presenting new challenges, new opportunities, and new friendships!  At UMD, there are exciting things happening all the time — from movie nights, to athletic events, to open mic nights, to group fitness classes, you can barely turn your head on this campus without finding something new to explore during that precious down time.

One thing that stays constant is our commitment to you all to create a campus climate which encourages you to live your best life while you’re here!  Terps After Dark was created to provide fabulous late-night programming a) to give you spaces to hang out and build friendships, and b) to provide fun, engaging, and sober alternatives to problematic drinking!  


Because sober Terps are safer Terps.  Because alcohol negatively impacts the development of both your body and your brain, which inhibits your ability to learn and grow (and that’s kind of the whole point of college).  Because 1 in 4 Terps choose not to drink*, and guess what — they have a great time anyway!  


Terps After Dark is our love letter to you, our fearless sober Terps, and to all of your friends, who can always choose not to drink, even if it’s just for the night!

(*NCHA, 2014)

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